Sound Recording and Design for Salisbury Museum (Art installation)

I was recently hired by artist Eleanor Bowen to undertake the Sound Recording in Martin Downs working alongside her to capture a sense of place to be presented in Salisbury Museum.

The work itself called ‘BORDERLANDS’ is a collection of images, objects and sounds about Bokerley Dyke, a prehistoric earth work situated within Martin Downs Nature Reserve and the life and work of her father Collin Bowen, a field archaeologist in this area.

It was meant to be mixed to surround sound which I specified and assisted in the design of for the gallery space, however due to unexpected budget limitations we had to work in stereo.

I recorded these sound recordings using an ambisonic microphone and a parabolic microphone, as we were searching not only for ambiences but also more detailed sound. (in this case Skylarks and cuckoos to name a few!)

Its a great reserve with amazing views, and I highly recommend going to check out the exhibition and other events currently happening in Salisbury Museum as part of a festival of archeology currently ongoing.

Unfortunately the work isn’t published anywhere as promotion online but you can get an idea of what else is on here:

Sound Recording available to listen here:

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