Contributed towards a release on Musica Dispersa records featuring international artists:

The release is a compilation entitled “Música Dispersa 03 Compilation Mechanique” where you can access all tracks by all the artists and you are able to purchase for £5 by clicking here

Musique Concrète: Sounds from Nature edition (Track contribution)

In the online themed joint release project lead by the Institute for Alien Research, which invites artists to respond to a particular brief. in this case, a musique concrète style track using only sounds from nature that is 4.33s long, I contributed a track called ‘insectObjet’ inspired by Pierre Schaeffers ‘Objet Sonores’. Its great to beContinue reading “Musique Concrète: Sounds from Nature edition (Track contribution)” magazine publication

“Echoes of the past: Geography, Territory and its impact on the Polish soundscape” Glissando magazine is about contemporary music and new music in various manifestations, some of these subjects being; free improvisation, live electronics, plunderphonics, musique concrete and field recordings. Their latest issue, number 26 is about soundscapes and acoustic ecology – this edition hasContinue reading “ magazine publication”