Tracks and Traces – Field Recording Radio

A monthly field recording show, studying animal tracking, wildlife sounds and environmental soundscapes of different places of interest.

You can listen below to the first edition available on Mixcloud via CAMP radio.

Episode 1: Roman River Nature Reserve, Colchester.

Episode 2: Dolnośląskie Region, (Recordings from Milicz, Góry Sowie and Wrocław)

Episode 3: Tracks and Traces no.3

Episode 4: Staw Babuda; South of Poland

Tracks and Traces No.5 – Autumn Soundscapes, Red Deer Rutting Season, Tawny Owls and Wintering Wildfowl (Wigeon, Mallard Duck)

Tracks and Traces No.6 – Góry Sowie

Tracks and Traces no.7; Wild Boar, Roe Deer and Whooper Swans (Milicz)

Tracks and Traces no. 8. After a long break from producing these radio soundscapes we returned with a Red Deer special focusing on the 2021 Rutting Season.

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